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Sketchbook 1 by Kezzamin Sketchbook 1 by Kezzamin
So I found an old sketchbook that for some reason I started to use to make notes in rather than draw in. I thought this would be a perfect sketchbook to use to do some experiments with.

I was going to paint over the writing on this page so it looked nicer (as I'm prone to do) but then I thought that's not the point of this project. I also hardly ever draw in pen so this is a good start for me. 

The writing on this page was actually the beginnings of a list of stocking fillers I was planning on buying for my parents stockings one year. I thought it would be nice to take parts of the list that both me and my parents love and do some sketches based around that. 

I'm also trying to gain ideas for what to do on each page from the Wreck this Journal book (which I would love to get one day) so that's where the crack this spine part comes from. 

This sketchbook also has a few of my disney line arts in it and I plan on doing 2 pages using the existing drawings with a twist so keep a lookout for those soon to come. 
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September 13, 2014
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